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Lia Athena

Writer, Event Planner, Actor

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My LGBT+, dystopian, young adult novel "Rainbow Plague" is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and more!

Love is love is love. But in this world of "Rainbow Plague," loving certain people means something else entirely

It is my debut novel.
I am looking for representation.  

I hope to publish my other completed works and finish my novels:

LGBT+ novella, sci-fi, an exploration of persistent love and what it can do to us. 

LGBT+, new adult, the ability to not give up even when faced with the impossible.

Young adult, sci-fi, a journey of trying to get back home, despite being told that home is gone, forever.

Young adult, near future, a story where the reality a young girl knows discovers it was never real in the first place. 




Photo by Val Schaffner

I am a queer, biracial (half Korean, half White), 24-year-old college dropout. I know, it's a mouthful, but these are the labels I have and I will wear them proud. They define who I am, but they will not control me. 

I left college after one year in order to fulfill my passions: writing and acting. I wanted to get a head start in life. I wanted to choose the best path for me. Right now, I would have just graduated college. But instead I am home in New York City, working on my writing, and as a side job, I am a background actor for film and popular tv shows such as Gotham, SVU and Billions. 

Through my adventures with acting, I realized that my true place to shine is through writing. Fiction, creating stories have always come easily to me. 

Even though what I write is not real, it is real to me, and I hope it can be real in some aspect to those who read it.My job as a writer is to take things from real life, put it into words, and make it something that a reader can translate to something spectacular in their mind. Everyone has a purpose in life, everyone has a part to play in society. My part is creative. My part is to make people think, to give a new perspective, to get you to think outside the box. Because life is not life when it is stuck in a box. 



If you want to represent me or if you have any questions, you can contact me at:

You can also find me on Backstage, IMDB, and Goodreads as Lia Schaffner.

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