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Rainbow Plague

Pride Hug

Maia Anna Robinson has never felt more certain of where she belongs in the world until the day she marched with her girlfriend at the pride parade. But because of circumstance beyond her control, the day that is meant to define her existence forever is the day that everything changes in her life.

It's the year 2026 and Doug Miller, a fanatically religious conservative, is president. He is obsessed with the idea that the members of the LGBTQIA+ community are "diseased" and thinks it is his "duty" to "cure" them. He has them taken from their homes and sent to camps, to be "changed" for the better. 

They are sent to a place where their inner core is extinguished and all that remains is the ash of who they were.

Maia is one of those prisoners. She is only seventeen. She just saw her girlfriend die. 

What will happen to Maia in this near future dystopian LGBT+ young adult novel, "Rainbow Plague"? 

"The Beauty of Love is that there are no rules to it." 

This young adult novel needs to be heard and seen. 

It is a novel of heartbreak and self doubt. It is a story about a biracial, gay, high school girl who has to go through the impossible. 
It's not your typical coming out story. Maia has already come out. And because of circumstances beyond her control, because the government has a particular set of ideas; she is forced to think twice about her love, she is ridiculed for the normal things she did, and she is reminded by those above her that she is a dirty, ungrateful, crooked girl. Every. Single. Day. 

"Rainbow Plague" is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, AbeBooks, Indie Bound, Rakuten kobo, and more!

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