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What is "QUEER ATHENA?" 

QUEER ATHENA is a collaboration between Lia Athena and Zachary Leong. We host safe, queer events in NYC. We host queer art showcases, dating events, job fairs, social parties, etc! 

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Create a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ communities to connect, feel welcomed, and enjoy themselves in New York City. No hate. No discrimination. Only love.

Meet the founders

Lia Athena - My pronouns are she/her. (You can also call me Athena) I identify as a queer lesbian. I am biracial - half Korean, half white - and grew up in New York City. Last year I self-published my first novel, Rainbow Plague, which tells the story of a gay, biracial teenager in a near-future dystopian America: one where it becomes illegal to be who we are - to be queer. This success came even though I dropped out of college after my first year in 2018, tried it again in 2022, and dropped out again. College wasn't right for me. Making a difference is.


Zachary - My pronouns are he/him. I am a straight, male ally to the LGBTQ+ community (of course "ally" just means a regular, decent human being, but that's besides the point). I am an American-born-Chinese and grew up in New York City and New Jersey. After graduating from Pratt Institute in the design field, I gravitated towards my own ventures. I created my own company, Corki Designs, in early 2021 where I currently design and sell handmade, sustainable cork planters. My goal: to incorporate sustainability into daily life and introduce plants as a means of connecting to nature and to each other.

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